Publish Your Work


 Have you thought about writing a book but have no idea how to get it published? 

We're here to help make your dream become a reality!


The Process

First and foremost, to get your book published you must write it! After you have written your manuscript, take the time to proof read and edit it. If your book will include pictures, gather them together and note where they are to be placed within the story.

After you finish the above steps; simply contact us to consult about your vision, send us your manuscript, pay the applicable fees and let us take it to the finish line! We will format your book, obtain copyrights, publish your book in print and eBook formats using CreateSpace publishing platform, and set up your royalty account!

From there your book will be available for sale all over the world on and the profits will be sent directly to you! You also have the option to get author copies; allowing you to sell books yourself and collect higher royalties! What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below to find out more!







Obtain copyright- $50

Publish book (no illustrations)- $250

Publish book (with illustrations)- $350

*Non-illustrated books are books that have no illustrations within the story. However, cover photo and author photo formatting are included in the pricing (up to 300 pages). Illustrated book pricing includes the formatting of illustrations within the text (up to 25), along with cover photo and author photo. Copyrights for both text and illustrations are highly recommended to prevent plagiarism. Any book that does not fit within the above parameters may be subject to additional fees.